Monday, January 30, 2006

FBO: 'Apologetic'

FBO Admin has just learned that due to a glitch in the home database network that an Oklahoma Gazette response to the FBO was not received, though the Gazette sent it over a week ago.

FBO Admin issued this response:

'We are apologetic for suggesting that the Gazette hadn't responded to us on the January 28 post. We were wrong.'

Saturday, January 28, 2006

FBO: 'Stoic, Strong, Welcoming'

Oklahoma's Soul Shaker and The Can't/Cinder Biscuits have been contacted regarding membership to the FBO. A contact at the Oklahoma Gazette has been silent so far. Check back soon for updates.

Click the following for an explanation of the photograph:
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Robert Reid talks about FBO

Click here to hear a personalized account of FBO's primary goals and why the FBO welcomes bands from other states, Canadian provinces and Mexican districts:

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And listen hear for a trial demo of the potential theme song, 'Failed Bands of Oklahoma I':

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

Introducing FBO Member #001: Tall Tales

Tall Tales -- FBO's first member (FBO #001) – played all-original 'parted hair hardcore' from 1987 to 1994. Over this period Tall Tales created about 100 songs, and recorded five albums (capped with the CD 69 Minutes in 1993). They were never signed. In the past couple years, Tall Tales 'returned' by creating a new album without every being in the same room (the CD Pot Pie, available on iTunes and at Building off other tracks -- beginning with a clean guitar and a click-track -- songs built gradually into the finished 13 tracks.

Tall Tales is composed of:

Dan Fallis (vocals)
Rob Reid (guitar)
Alan Hiserodt (drums)
Mitch Newlin (bass)
Gregg Dobbs (guitar)

In February 2006, Tall Tales will release, via its website, its first double b-side recording, LIVE: A Place in Oklahoma, which was recorded at Zapata's Cafe & Cantina in Altus, Oklahoma, on December 22, 2005. The CD, their first live release as well, includes three new songs: 'The Falkon Flies (Dies),' 'Dicks,' and 'A Place in Oklahoma.'

That month, Tall Tales also plans to release the video for 'UFO,' the first single from their Pot Pie album.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

FBO Mission Statement

The 'Failed Bands of Oklahoma' (FBO) -- initiated by Tall Tales* (1987-1994, Norman & Tulsa) -- are currently looking for fellow failed Oklahoma bands to collaborate on a song and tour of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles in late summer 2006. At the same time the FBO hopes to recruit failed bands of other states and Candadian provinces to initiate the same collaborations in their respective state/province. The FBO will help you do so.

Failed bands are defined by being at least 10 years old, never having been 'signed' by a major or minor label, and having 'quit' at some point in their career. A European tour that a management company helped pay for or set up may disqualify you. The FBO prefers bands with at least a 51% ratio of original songs. At least one new song must be created to join the FBO tour.

Any failed band, from any place, may join the FBO. Only FBO members from Oklahoma may partake in the inaugural 'FBO tour' in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.

The project has several goals:

--> To create awareness of failed bands
--> To create a FBO website with free download live album based on the tour
--> To record on song ('Failed Bands of Oklahoma') and video for intra and extra-state distribution
--> To create a 15-minute documentary on the tour
--> To make FBO panhandle tour t-shirts
--> To challenge other states' failed bands to 'out do' our project (beginning with North Dakota, Kansas and Iowa)
--> To get signed and make some money, in doing so 'graduate' from the FBO list (which means being 'removed' from FBO membership)

The FBO & You
Please let us know if you'd like to join the FBO, participate, have suggestions how the project should be run, or know failed bands that may qualify in any state, particularly Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota and Iowa.



FBO Admin
Brooklyn, NY