Friday, February 03, 2006

Introducing FBO #002: The Cant/Cinder Biscuits

The FBO expands...

Oklahoma's failed The Cant/Cinder Biscuits -- two closely knit incarnations and great bands -- have joined the Failed Bands of Oklahoma.

Active from 1986 to 1989, The Cant (no apostrophre)members were: Eric Harmon, Adam Jackson, Jeff Morris, John Gilmore. They released one cassette called 'No Apostrophe' in 1988. Recently Adam -- who came from Washington state in the 1970s -- has put together a studio with Eric.

Active from 1989 to 1999, the follow-up Cinder Biscuits (no semi-colon) members were: Eric Harmon, Jeff Morris, John Gilmore (later replaced by Mr Paul Schiavo, who also played for a short time with FBO #001, Tall Tales). The Biscuits released a cassette in 1992 and a 7" single in 1994 (some still available). The band dissolved after Jeff moved to Dallas and Paul moved to Woodstock, NY. Eric had been splitting time with the non-failed band Chainsaw Kittens.

Members of both bands have recently re-formed as the new incarnation Chop Shop (, which have been recording an EP due out soon. They already have written about 'two CDs worth of music.' And been trying to squeeze onto sets 'whenever Mike Watts comes to VZDs.' They have upcoming shows in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa

Interview with Eric Harmon

What was your last Biscuits show like? Your first Can't show?
'cinders played in woodstock ny, with paul on bass----at the joyous
lake-hippy dippy--uneventful! well the cant were originally called the unorthodox,then birthday suit, i think it was at the U club in norman-----opening for the wickers------i remember kevin stark screaming at our soundcheck-those drums sound great over and over---l.s.d---maybe!'

Have you ever played in the Oklahoma or Texas panhandle? Ever been to the Oklahoma panhandle?
'cinders played in enid! does that count---we had to whip out some ted nugent for that-never done the panhandle thang! driven through both many a time.'
[note: FBO #001 once fired a member in Enid]

You've played with non-failed bands (eg Chainsaw Kittens). How do you compare failed bands and non-failed ones?
'the kittens did some things i'm proud of, recording in l.a.,mixing at ocean way studios (same one brian wilson used) -opening for iggy pop in 1994-98 shows-u.s.a- a meat puppets tour-meeting,little richard,joey ramone,chris robinson,joe strummer,ric ocasek,david yow,the figgs,graham parker,tommy stinson,---just a few there-----the kittens ended up a failed band!!!!! to look at the music scene today it's all a failure---------tall tales could have been sent out on that road-to get burned to a crispy core--------would that be good?????? pocket bands are the best, from the replacements-to the tall tales!!!!!!!!'

Thanks to Eric and all members of the Cant, Cinder Biscuits and Chop Shop. More to come!

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Alan De-Mulletized said...

More than proud to be associated with FBO member Cinder/Cant!

Long history with you boys, hope to make more! Looking forward to bringing back the Charlie Watts night when TT can finally play live! Andy has said we can do it anytime at his place. Lets make it happen in 2006.
Welcome on dudes!

Alan De-Mulletized said...


Fallisimo(friend of Stowe) said...

Hiserodt to Harmon
My dream has always been to be on stage with two of Norman's best drum beaters at the same time.
Playing 38 SPECIAL tunes hardcore style!

Speaking of the CANT, Adam always had the best hair in Norman.

As for CINDER, I'm still waiting on the special edition cd with 'Ticket to Idaho'. These guys were like Rush playing Firehose songs!

Alan De-Mulletized said...

Yes, bring it on!
By the way, Ewic, I burned you the first 4 TT tapes . I'll bring them to the gig on thurs. Looking forward to it!
Bring me any Cinder you can burn, I said burn..... do I smell something burning? oh, thats just spleef.

Sonnyred said...

Ah...I miss the good ol' days of those bands and a U club reference is priceless. The Cant with Gili, Hair Factory, and Mayo on drums...WOW I forgot about that band . Hell TT played in my Back Yard on jenkins st, in the Summer of 91..all I remember is you guys wearing gas station overalls or some shit like that it was an epic night....make the FBO Panhandel tour happen..and if help is neededjust posta request and we will come from a far, like Beaver county.

angie said...

I'm looking for any information i can find on The Wickers. I had their cassette and loved it...thought every song on it was good, but lost it somewhere along the way. I would love to find another copy out the somewhere in the great worldwide interwebs. :-) Email me at THANKS!

Anonymous said...

I was going thru my old tapes and came across the The Cants first demo titled, "No Apostrophe". I'm going to get some hardware to burn it properly to digital. If anyone is interested, just let me know. Personally, the failed bands title is undeserved. I would say unhailed, instead. Fuck all those who would say otherwise....

Anonymous said...

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