Tuesday, February 03, 2009

FBO: 'Responds to O-Park, Kansas, Critic With New FBO Video'

Over the FBO's first three years we've seen -- over and over -- that there is not unanimous support for failed bands, or at least as represented by the FBO. But the attacks took a sharp turn toward a PG-13 rating last week when Tim Eldridge, the self-professed bassist and lyricist of (apparently a failed band) Acid Rage, from Overland Park, KS, peppered our comments forum with four-lettered denouncements. It gets worse on his, possibly, FBO-inspired site KANSAS BANDS OF THE PAST.

First of all, we warn family-oriented viewership from tracking this guy, who appears to be as fond of cursing as combing goatee hairs.

Second, we'd like to thank Tim for offering us insight on WHY Oklahoma failed bands, in particular, had failed.

Up till now, some of us wondered if we had been 'unlucky,' or hadn't struck the magic combination of melodies and chords, or lacked the right management or promoter. Not so, says Tim Eldridge -- who spends much of his new, infrequently updated blog devoted to Kansas City, Missouri topics -- it's because of geography. Kansas Bands of the Past founder argues that Oklahoma bands can't succeed because of their state.

Tim wrote on our Jan 26 post: 'Any good musician from Oklahoma has one thing in common -- THEY LEAVE THE STATE. I played in a metal band for years in Kansas City, and I can tell you one thing -- we can tear any Okie band a new one, any day of the week.'

In honor, we've crafted this video tribute to Tim. If you're out there, Tim, we'll be watching for more insight -- please let us know where we can find video footage or mp3s of Acid Rage too. We couldn't locate anything via the Internet.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY

* Lyrics to 'It's Kansas!' (not written on the back of an unpaid bill envelope):
'The bass thumps the quarters, playing off the drummer's snare. Our guitar soloist hits the pedal, while his nostrils flare. We play for the streets, and when we get back there, it's Kansas.'


Bronc said...

Damn funny!

pseudosu said...

I didn't really think anything could make me laugh today, but that did.


Found and Acid Rage video on Youtube. Apparently Tim used he stage name "Ed" back in the day.


pseudosu said...

If this make Tim as furious as it made me amused, a perpetual loop of hilarity has now been established.

Hiser Odt, Alan said...

Absolutely brilliant Rob! I'm not sure I can even name a band from Kansas except for the band Kansas. All this coming from a guy that lives in a state that has outlawed "evolution". Not the word, but the "process of evolution". Fitting. Enjoy the Kansas City, MO. Chiefs next year Timmy...... oh wait, I did take a dump on a flight over KS once, maybe that was the band I heard from there....