Monday, January 16, 2006

Introducing FBO Member #001: Tall Tales

Tall Tales -- FBO's first member (FBO #001) – played all-original 'parted hair hardcore' from 1987 to 1994. Over this period Tall Tales created about 100 songs, and recorded five albums (capped with the CD 69 Minutes in 1993). They were never signed. In the past couple years, Tall Tales 'returned' by creating a new album without every being in the same room (the CD Pot Pie, available on iTunes and at Building off other tracks -- beginning with a clean guitar and a click-track -- songs built gradually into the finished 13 tracks.

Tall Tales is composed of:

Dan Fallis (vocals)
Rob Reid (guitar)
Alan Hiserodt (drums)
Mitch Newlin (bass)
Gregg Dobbs (guitar)

In February 2006, Tall Tales will release, via its website, its first double b-side recording, LIVE: A Place in Oklahoma, which was recorded at Zapata's Cafe & Cantina in Altus, Oklahoma, on December 22, 2005. The CD, their first live release as well, includes three new songs: 'The Falkon Flies (Dies),' 'Dicks,' and 'A Place in Oklahoma.'

That month, Tall Tales also plans to release the video for 'UFO,' the first single from their Pot Pie album.


sponson said...

What, no "rock me like a hurricane?" That would have gone down well in Altus.

Jeff Morris said...

I just want to be a CEO after goin to Chi-town, only to be abducted by a UFO after performing in the 2006 Charlie Watts tour.

The ol' days of Tall Tales at Kelly's were too fun. These guys were the best XTC coated hootenanny Oklahoma band ever. If you couldn't have fun at a Tall Tales show, then you were either a corporate mutant or a zombie.

Bronc said...

I'm still waiting to see the video...