Monday, March 30, 2009

FBO: 'The Joy of Safe Pets'

It's happened again. The critics are going after all pets, even safe ones, in the wake of a (non-safe) pet attack last month, involving a chimp ripping off part of a woman's face in Connecticut. It was horrible. (The chimp's owner even said it attacked the victim because she had "changed her hairstyle.") It should never have happened. After after recent legislation in the House of Representatives -- which we support -- such an attack from a primate pet shouldn't happen again.
--> Those who think Travis the chimp was a lone renegade should take in the cannibalistic 3:10 mark of this this BBC video; a 'grisly scene.')
And now some bloggers are lumping all pets, even gerbils and bunnies, with non-safe (aka exotic) pets like chimps, or camels (which kicked to death a woman owner in 2007), or a tiger (which nearly killed Roy of Siegfried & Roy in 2003).

These critics overlook the fact that safe pets -- clean, safe, affordable ones -- generally have a good history with humans, that is when humans are cutting off their tails or making them fight. Winston Churchill had his stray cat Margate, the Clintons had Socks, Roy Rogers had Trigger the horse, Plato had Seth the parakeet.

The FBO supports safe pets -- ones with carefully chosen names. And responds to critics with this video protest:


That's right, you heard it correctly. The song features fake drums, four real bass tracks and fake claps.

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pseudosu said...

Safe? Ha! My cat Ray is constantly trying to poison me by flooding my body with toxic levels of cutosterone (the silent cuddly killer).

Promise you'll never use anything but hand written graphics in your videos.

THE FBO said...

FBO supports the analog -- that is, except for entirely digital recording "The Joy of Safe Pets" and the video-making of it as well.

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