Friday, October 10, 2008

FBO: 'FBO Celebrate SAGA Week (Day 5)'

Warning: This video cover version of Bob Dylan's 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' features (successful and failed) gunshots from the footage of the FBO-induced rehearsal for a re-enactement of the Battle for Hutchens.

The video excerpts lyrics from Saga's 'No Regrets (Chapter 5)' from the 1981 record Worlds Apart:

As the clouds
Continued to open
Each vision was hard to believe
Minimal motion
As far as the eye could see
Yesterday held so much promise
Today, only misbelief
And now the task of reconstruction
Salvaging all they could see...
Can you say there's no regrets?

For an explanation of how the collaboration happened see here.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Bronc said...

This video is going to look awesome on the big screens behind the stage in Guymon.

tom caw said...

Another strange victory for the FBO! I'm sure Mr. Dylan has viewed this at least ten times already. Well done.