Thursday, March 09, 2006

Introducing FBO #003: SOUL SHAKER


The Failed Bands of Oklahoma, as promised, is growing. Originally inspired by cereal and Nazareth, Norman's SOUL SHAKER has become FBO Member #003. The band -- made of various lineups (including James Lambeth, Ty Kamm, Matt Babich, Danny Blunck and later Steve Miller and Barry Zimmerman) -- played from 1989 to 1993. It had its turbulations. 'Steve and James quit,' Ty Kamm told us, 'Because they couldn't get along... ironically they later formed Green Dream together which became Soma Holiday.' They now live in different continents.


FBO:Where did the name Soul Shaker come from?
TK: Matt had a sticker (that he got from a cereal box) on his first bass amp that read "Soul Shaker" in a real cheesy font. We thought it was funny, so we went with it. Plus they said soul shaker in a Nazareth song and a Cult song.

Why did the band fail?
Because we had one of the worst band names ever (I tried to change it several times and was out-voted) and at times we just plain sucked.

What was the best Soul Shaker show?
Man, that's a tough one. Probably the "Charlie Watts Night(s)" with Tall Tales & Cinder Biscuits at Kelly's in Norman.

What was the closest moment you all were to succeeding?
The closest we came was when we changed our name to Klipspringer after having been Nowhere Band for one gig and Lotion for 2 or 3 gigs.

Welcome to Ty Kamm and all the member of Soul Shaker. The FBO looks forward to future collaborations in the efforts to garner press coverage for each other.

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Tyrone said...

Thanks to Rob and everyone at the F.B.O.! It's a real thrill to be member #003. We're glad our failure has finally been recognized.

Tyrone said...

Soul Shaker lives!

not really.

Anonymous said...

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Joseph Wojtkowiak said...

Soul Shaker, Baby

Joseph Wojtkowiak said...

Soul Shaker, Baby

Amber Bonnett said...

How would i find someone that was in Soma Holiday?