Tuesday, April 18, 2006

FBO #004's Terry Waska: Out of the Penalty Box

Terry Waska, a member of Failed Bands of Oklahoma Member #004's Asylum, is released from a one-month sentence in the FBO penalty box, in which he could not participate in FBO functions. The sentence was proclaimed, with unanimous acceptance among FBO members and fans, for 'questionable use of state imagery.'

The photograph was taken 25 minutes ago.

Welcome back Terry!

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ -- Sibiu, Romania

1 comment:

Waska the Rocker said...

After much soul-searching (not like there's much else to do in the penalty box) I've decided that after the 6 times in a single day, it doesn't look much like the Hawaiian islands anymore (see original infraction for what this means).
OK, apparently there was ONE other thing to do in the penalty box.