Thursday, December 14, 2006

FBO: 'Tendencies of Lazy/Successful Map Pointers Exposed'

Watch any pirate or explorer or WWII film and you see it. Characters pulling out a worn map, rough on the egdes. They lay it out on a giant wood table and with candle light search out the possibilities for the next plot point to take place. Then point it out with not one, but two or three taps of the carefully unmanicured fingertip. THIS is what irks us at the FBO -- that they ALWAYS pat their finger at the destination with two or three pats. Why?

-->If we point to the cupboard that keeps the glasses to a visitor do we point towards it twice? No.

--> After laundry's done, do we set a folded t-shirt in the dresser twice? No.

--> If a car pulls in front of you dangerously, they get one middle-finger flip-off -- possibly held for effect -- but the gesture is rarely made twice.

Once again, the FBO has spotted a gesture that has become popularized from bad television or lazy film-making. We copy what we see. All the more reason -- as is the FBO plan -- to steer fans and members towards healthy, reponsible entertainment and away from lazy things like movie remakes, sequels or TV-to-film adaptations.

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