Saturday, March 24, 2007

FBO: 'Bass Bank: Phil Chen'


The creeping octave rise up the bass neck -- the backbone of disco. We all secretly love it and know that, in the end, the best one you've ever heard is on Rod Stewart's 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' Who did it, you wonder? A JAMAICAN. A Jamaican of Chinese ethnicity named Mr Phil Chen.

Phil Chen has had a busy career working with people, including work with Bob Marley, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards and the Eurythmics. When the Jim-less Doors searched for their identity, and reformed in 1973 as the Butts Band, they brought in a bass player -- finally! -- and got Phil Chen. He says finding a groove is something that can't be learned; it just 'oozes out.' Chen says, 'It's like when you meet a girl and you have something intangible, you don't have to talk.'

--> Phil Chen, we just want to thank you.

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**From March 22 to April 5, FBO is celebrating the forgotten, overlooked, abused or under-utilized bass by noting a handful of bass players you should know about.**


tom caw said...

true story: i was loitering in the hallway outside the karate studio shortly after noon today, watching the boy spar with an orange belt. one of my favorite things to do during karate time is to identify the songs playing in the pizza place upstairs by their bass lines--usually the only part audible through the ceiling/floor. the first one i heard today was "do ya think i'm sexy?" my first thought was: "i wonder when FBO will pay tribute to phil chen?" thank you, FBO, for thanking phil chen.

john said...

any talk about underappreciated bass players should start and stop with bernard edwards, bass player of disco-defining disco band chic. nile rodgers gets his due, maybe more so for producing those duran duran albums, but bernard...true story, too, he DIED onstage. if memory serves me, in japan, playing w/ eric clapton, heart attack.

Viviane Saraiva said...

I'm Viviane from Brazil (São Paulo) and I had the pleasure to meet this incredible guy. Nice person, rumble and gentle.

The Doors is a best band now with this REAL bassman.