Sunday, June 10, 2007

FBO: 'NBA Banned'


So little in life leads to justice, so the FBO demands that a couple things provide it: sports and rock music.

When Robert Horry of the San Antonio Spurs body-checked Steve Nash into the boards during a recent NBA playoff game, Nash's teammate Stoudamire -- being a human -- jumped up to check on his teammate. NBA Commissioner David Stern -- who makes players dress in suits to go to games to de-gangsta the league -- suspended Stoudamire (the team, the Phoenix Suns, second-best player after Nash) along with the so-so provider Horry. The Suns lost the next game, then game seven on the road in San Antonio. The rule refers to players moving outside the designated 'bench' during an 'altercation.' It follows the famed Pacers/Pistons brawl that led to fists thrown in the stands. Stoudamire never ran toward Horry, never raised a fist or pushed a fly. Yet, the Suns were allowed to essentially give up the series due to David Stern's questionable literal take of the rule. (And never mind that the Spurs' best player, Tim Duncan, jumped onto the court following a rough foul two games earlier!)

Can justice be served? Well, the FBO roots for Cleveland Cavaliers to do, what seems, the impossible. It's not the Spurs fault of course, but no one really knows whether they could have beaten the Suns without the huge gift from the head of the NBA.

Meanwhile, we would like to remind FBO fans of the creed: 'people don't root for underdogs, only underdogs that win' as we refer to David Stern's latest target: OKLAHOMA CITY.

In a Yahoo Sports piece today, David Stern oohed at how much he wants the Seattle SuperSonics franchise to stay in that city that hates the team, despite Oklahoma City's high-hearted endorsement of a two-year temporary team, the New Orleans Hornets, and a stadium ready to put them in.

Stern says regarding the 'hopes' of keeping the Sonics in Seattle:

"I think it's just going to work itself out and I hope it does. It's been a good city for the NBA and we'd love to stay there."

Full story:;_ylt=AuNOs3Qr2nsWTO7oensLZPy8vLYF?slug=ap-supersonicsfuture&prov=ap&type=lgns

The NBA is banned by the FBO until David Stern is FIRED.

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tom caw said...

OKC SuperSonics is a far more acceptable name than Utah Jazz.

Stern seems to take his name in earnest.

Is it possible for King James to be an underdog?

Pour me some more pho, please.

Hiser said...

I watched the last 2 minutes of the final game just to see who won. Very boring playoffs this year. I broke the rules, sorry, I accept whatever punishment needed.