Friday, January 25, 2008

FBO: 'Oklahoma Quarter Planners are Idiots!'

The Failed Bands of Oklahoma is supremely disappointed by the lack of imagination the Oklahoma Quarter Planning Commission has shown for the official State of Oklahoma commemorative quarter, which begins circulation on February 20.

The 50 state quarters (part of the US Mint's 50 State Quarters Program) has been an interesting monetary competition of the past few years, with 'new' quarters being released. Those with good designs -- such as Connecticut's wonderful web-like tree -- tend to stay in pants pockets longer than uninspired ones -- say, California (with a bloke looking at a mountain and a bird), Arkansas (a diamond-shaped UFO attacking a bird), or Hawaii (with a Roman looking guy giving the bird to the state shape). South Carolina also has a bird, South Dakota's has a defecating bird atop Mt Rushmore. Idaho shows a profile of a peregrine falcon with an empty eye socket.

Too many birds!

The worst of all, unsurprisingly, is New Jersey's, which celebrates historical figures LEAVING the state (Washington crossing the Delaware River), as does Delaware (with the FBO-endorsed Caesar Rodney riding horseback to Philadelphia).

Meanwhile, Oklahoma had an automatic catapult ride to the top of the heap. Its flag -- a sky blue banner with an Osage warrior's shield -- is simply the best flag ever made. The shield -- graphic, with its hanging eagle feathers and a peace pipe and olive branch -- would have looked good pared down on the back of a $0.25 coin. War and peace in a tidy quarter-sized design. And it almost gets you a pack of Wrigley's gum.

--> No quarter tributes the Native American history of the country.

A proper ranking of best/worst quarters will come in coming months. For now, the FBO expresses its OUTRAGE.

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