Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FBO: 'Tall Tales Offers Sample Setlist'


The October show in the panhandle is starting to take shape now that Tall Tales has submitted a potential 10-song set list.

1. True
2. CEO
3. New Worry Day
4. Your Lake
5. Ed/This Song's Not About Love [medley]
6. Falkon Flies
7. Fiction
8. UFO
9. Hee Haw
10. Ways to Stay

Sample setlists may be changed, though two songs from the sample MUST be retained for the final setlist.

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ -- Vladivostok, Russia
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Bronc said...

Please add "Blow up Kurt", the famous song by CENSORED.

That is all.

fallis said...

we need to add "Yellow Pliers" and "Streets of Hell" for the Asylum crowd.

Hiser Odt, Alan said...

I will not play the gig unless we do fake start Rodeo, then play She Rose Stiffly instead. 3 fakes in all, last one starts She Rose.......

Hiser Odt, Alan said...

Also, I could do without Hee Haw. Maybe replace it with Blow Up Kurt or Cows and Furry Bastards.

Hee Haw is way too racist....

Maybe we could make Mexican Hero in to a 15 minute jam band tune? :~
Mike Wiser could solo the whole time on a mandolin. I'm good for a couple aribas! in the background.
Mitch could grow back the stash and don a sombrero.

THE FBO said...

What about 'Dry Paint'? Bring back the Dunnerifer!