Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FBO: 'A Demand for Virginia State'


North Carolina's insistence that Pasadena (not Green Bay) won Super Bowl I -- as proven by their license-plate and quarter claims of 'First in Flight' by Ohioans in Kitty Hawk -- now means that Virginia must change its commemorative quarter.

History likes to forget that the Wright Brothers, who took their Ohio-made aircraft to North Carolina for the world's first flight in 1903, kept going after their history making flight. Five years later, Orville -- who lost a coin toss at Kitty Hawk, so watched his brother Wilbur take the reins -- marked his own history: the first flight fatality (not including failed attempts at flight before 1903).

A New York Times article Sunday noted that the 100th anniversary of flying fatalities is coming this September 17. Orville flew a 26-year-old army officer for a show with 2000 spectators, promptly crashed the plane, killing the officer. Orville walked away.

--> It took place in Ft Myer, VIRGINIA.

Thus the FBO asks Virginia, whose quarter currently credits the death of Jamestown in 2007, to change its quarter to 'FIRST IN FLIGHT FATALITIES.'

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