Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FBO: 'News! Tall Tales to Play Norman'


November 8, 2008
The Deli, Norman

w/ Locust Avenue
& The Toothman (featuring FBO's Eric Harmon)

In a sneak preview of Panhandle Show possibilities, FBO Member #001 Tall Tales returns to the actual Oklahoma stage -- an FBO-induced 'live' EP included a fake audience -- a mere 14 years since the last performance. The show may include a 'live feed' of exile member Robert Reid, who will be in Colombia on a FBO cultural symposium in Bogota.

The band has been working up a set of 20-plus songs, new and old. Singer Dan Fallis promises there will be 'lots of grey beards and arthritis, plus tons of new bass equipment' and drummer Alan Hiserodt says one difference of the new era is 'trying to keep up with what I played as a 20-something as a 40 year old.'

More updates on the #001 return to the livehouse to come...

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Hiser Odt, Alan said...

Unfortunately the Toothman will not be able to play. A member of the band is attending Porche-palooza instead. No really, it's true.
So now its just Tall Tales and Locust Avenue.