Thursday, July 16, 2009

FBO: 'When Is This Right?'

This image -- of a Belgian -- shows the mortal blow of a unicorn. It's from a 15th-century wall tapestry hanging at New York's fascinating Cloisters museum, part of the Met. It's sit on a hilltop at the very north of Manhattan, and missed by most visitors. The building itself is made from dissassembled/reassembled monasteries of Spain and France.

Medieval times!

Doesn't answer why you see a unicorn, and go kill it.

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Anonymous said...
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Because the magical unicorn horn (or alicorn) is known to cure many illnesses and neutralize poison. Duh.

pseudosu said...

I knew a guy once who proudly had an albino deer head on his wall. I was like-- way to kill a unicorn ass face. He was all ??? "You mean I am not the stud of all time???"
Me-- "NO."

Anonymous said...

Oh magical horn cooooool..
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