Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FBO: "What Happened to All the Rage in Dallas?"

Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, British Columbia, at 8:30am is a little quiet. On a day with a bike in the 'most English town in Canada' recently, I pedalled there. Walked about the boxy floating homes. Saw a dog. Flower pots. Some Canadian flags. A few folks waiting to head out on a whale trip. And a box of free CDs with a hand-drawn sign: 'free CDs.'

I immediately picked up one: the self-titled 1998 release of Edmonton's All the Rage in Dallas.

Finally listening weeks later, I get the feeling ATRID really didn't agree on what they wanted. Thirteen years on, only the 'heavy metal looking guy' (and his haircut) survives -- Don Heberling, who is the 'band leader' per the website. Notably, the more country-leaning, flat-toned moustached singer Ralph Kendrick (no, not this Ralph Kendrick) is long gone.

Their website sadly notes their 1998 CD 'enjoyed some airplay,' and offers a few mp3s of more recent songs.

Victoria. ATRID. The FBO just wants to thank you.

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