Sunday, February 12, 2006

FBO: Jump Aboard!

The FBO welcomes all failed bands -- from Oklahoma; from Nebraska; from Bristol, England; from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The FBO mobile Headquarters has been traipsing about Bulgaria in the efforts to:

a) spread awareness of the FBO
b) spread awareness of failed bands
c) to recruite failed bands in Bulgaria for possible collaboration
d) to garner press coverage

So far, FBO Admin has witnessed two bands -- one a Black Sea cover band that had electric violin and played a cavernous nook-and-cranny basement rock bar, starting with 'Beat It.' The guitarist didn't attempt to recreate the Eddie Van Halen solo. The other were a testosterone-but-earnest five-piece named PIF, who apparently have records (thus not failed). They clearly listen to their Pearl Jam albums a lot, and certainly attracted a doting hip crowd of 80 to cluster to one end of Mega-Extreme Bowl on a Saturday night to see them. They mixed in a number of covers (including a Pearl Jam and INXS song), amidst their own songs in Bulgarian. The singer, eyes shut and head shaking, wore a Bush (band) haircut, but try to move like Ed Vedder. A six-foot dancer, with Jughead floppy hat, danced in front of the stage in that hey-I'm-20-and-need-attention sort of way that's hard not to find endearing. At one point a drunken man (large) came over to compliment FBO's documentation of the event (video). One woman in audience (bleached hair, outfit of a whore) did a 'snake charmer' dance, eyes closed. The singer is totally committed to the music. Nearby hundreds of students down mixed drinks and bowl lanes (about $3 per game) under black lights. I think PIF stands for 'Probably in Farms.'

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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