Monday, February 20, 2006

FBO: 'Stairway al Top'

The FBO is proud to surmise its accomplishments of its first six weeks:

--> 1) signed on failed bands Tall Tales and The Cant/Cinder Biscuits
--> 2) nearly had actual contact with Oklahoma Gazette
--> 3) adopted the Oklahoma Panhandle as its symbol
--> 4) signed on potential Bulgarian illustrator to create first ever failed-band comic

In the upcoming weeks, the FBO will accomplish the following:

--> 1) sign on at least one more failed band
--> 2) draft its first cartoon, via Bulgarian artist
--> 3) contact the Oklahoma Tourist Board about declaring the first week of October as 'Reach the Panhandle' week -- 'mainland' Oklahoma's overdue thanks to the panhandle, to coincide with the multi-date FBO tour
--> 4) contact the author of the upcoming Oklahoma panhandle book for an interview

In the mobile HQ, FBO Admin met Khristofo, the grinning lead singer of a failed punk rock band from Tryavna, Bulgaria. 'We played two shows in one year,' Khristofo said, hitching a ride with the Mobile HQ's van, en route (he was) to a 'death metal' show in Varna that night. 'We were the only band in Tryavna, so we didn't have the need for a name... but we had many ideas.' His? 'Civil Defence.' Khristofo denied that his songs were about flowers or butterfly collection. 'Mostly the songs were about friends. Also, one song was about if you want to do something, don't sit around and wait for it to happen. Nothing will get done.' Positive punk, then? 'Yes, positive punk.' Khristofo was hitchhiking a bit drunk.

Honorary FBO Membership: Civil Defence, of Tryavna, Bulgaria!

If you are a failed band and haven't yet contacted the FBO about potential membership, it's not too late to join!

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

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Bobby Reid said...

This photograph -- of the gurgling resin of subterranean gases mixed with mud and water -- was taken outside Magwe, Myanmar, in November 2004. In the area where many burping pools of harmless gases and sludge. I accidentally sunk my toe in one -- brown junk congealing under my toe nails -- when I slipped at the edge of a large pool; the site is considered spiritual and shoes are not allowed. There were snakes guarding the start of it -- harmless pythons about six feet long.

Sludge and unused gases emerging to the ground and creating mounds you can climb is an ANALOGY to the promise of the Failed Bands of Oklahoma. If you join, you too will create a mound that can be climbed or slipped into.

Bobby Reid