Tuesday, October 10, 2006

FBO: 'Answers the Big Three'

Should I cuss?
It's a personal decision, but FBO is noticing an increasingly free use of profanity in commericials and TV shows. Jon Stewart bleeps '****ing' all over his show, and we're invited to laugh at the so-called shocker -- but it's just not as funny anymore. Several ad campaigns do things like have a cellphone stutter as a bloke's furied cussing begins, others cut off someone in revelation saying 'holy ****' or, for Burger King, make a stretched effort to use 'Sit Happens' as a campaign by suggesting their burgers make you want to sit. Cussing when you hurt your toe isone thing. But, comically speaking, perhaps stronger gestures can be made by saying something that actually says something than going for the cheap joke. That may have ran its course by 2002.

Who is the Best Rock Singer/Band Over 50?
Bob Dylan. His new album Modern Times follows a string of studio albums that make blues sound remarkably original while trivializing anything the Stones have done in 25 years.

What is the Meaning of Life?
To procreate, further the species' existence.

FBO Admin
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Bronc said...

Bob Dylan? hmm.. if someone invents a Dylan-to-English conversion tool, then I'll listen to his stuff.

How long will your trip to Vietnam be? We need a Vietnamese band in the FBO in the worst way.

Alan De-Mulletized said...

I am for the more liberal use of offensive language as a standard. Especially under the wrong-handed fist of the conservative right.
It should become standard, ie- best show on TV in years is Penn and Teller's "Bullshit". That said, it can get out of hand, and lose it's edge, like Rob implied. The South Park episode that had the word shit plainly presented over 100 times I think should be the turning point, and that was the point of the cartoon. If it offends, turn the channel, its your fault.

Best Rock singer over 50? SHIT! In some ways no one should try and rock over 50, but we are all getting older with the artform of Rock, and we have to get used to it. Hell it will be us that finally gets there when we are 50ish. I'd have to agree with the Dylan vote, because most of what the Stones have done in 25+ years has been pretty weak. They should have stuck with doing the solo stuff, Keith's stuff could be considered up there as one of the best over 50. There is something about the age that makes it Rock. We may lose our ability to, or our anger to let it fly somehow as we get older. (hope not) Judas Priest still kicks it, they get rougher somehow with age.

Meaning of life? Why does it have to have meaning. You come up your own philosophy, based on past philosophies, and start your own. Here is my take lately.....
Find what makes you happy, and who you can share that with, and do that as much as possible. Realize there are things you don't want to do in this life, but have to to get by/make a living. Not everything is fun, but hopefully the hard work will allow you to do those things that make you happy, if they don't..stop doing them! Life is way too short, make yourself smile once in a while whether you want to or not.
The best way I have heard it, and I don't know if I heard this somewhere or thought it up ??? but...
When we die, we are measured by things we create. Live, create.