Sunday, April 08, 2007

FBO: 'Issues New Creed'


Everyone likes to say they like underdogs, but it's just a lie. People only like underdogs who win -- so in the end, if you're honest about it, most people just like winners with an interesting story.

--> The Failed Bands of Oklahoma support the underdogs who lose.

In the future, the FBO will be searching out losing underdogs -- in sports, in entertainment, in warfare, in diplomacy -- who have not surprised anyone by upstaging expectations. Simultaneously the FBO will expose false underdogs.

An example of an appropriate underdog:

Facing a neighborhood demolition to make the way for a new business zone in Chonqing, China, one resident Wu Ping -- a 49-year-old woman -- said 'no.' Eventually the whole area but her house was razed (per the NY Times photograph above), until -- after two years of defiance against the overpowering Chinese authorities -- when her house too was knocked down last week.

An example of a false underdog:

The media massage of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl put undefeated Boise State as something of a high school team compared to the two-loss Oklahoma team that had backed into the game only after another -- Texas -- fell apart late in the season and lost two games to far inferior teams. After Boise State won, by one, the NCAA Football video game put the BS QB on the cover, and plans are in the works to make a MOVIE about the team!?! 'Underdog' fans played the part and cheered on a quarterback, who openly taunted the competition throughout the game and referred to his teammates as 'my guys' afterwards.

Unsuitable! This is not an appropriate underdog for those who 'like underdogs,' as the FBO do, to back.

We'll be on the lookout for a running list of 'Appropriate Underdogs' (as deemed by stoicism amidst failure) and 'False Underdogs' (aka, Unsuitable Underdogs; as deemed by success or poor behavior).

--> Feel free to submit your suggestions for this ongoing list.

Thank you,

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john said...

notable underdog who failed: Nick Drake. never overcame his terrible stagefright, and the typical audience at a Nick Drake show: 18-40 people. signed a terrible record contract where he made no money, made 3 records that he was dissatisfied with, and then died...unwittingly leaving a future fortune to his wealthy parents, who never supported his decision to become a musician.