Saturday, April 14, 2007

FBO: 'When Times are Tight, Multi-Task!'


While looking for new failed bands to bring into FBO membership, the FBO also garners press coverage of the failed AND keeps a civic lookout on entertainment successes and misfires. That's multi-tasking at its very core.

As a service to its fans, the FBO has decided to adopt a 'multi-tasking' anthem to provide a soundtrack for its ongoing multi-pronged efforts: FUNKADELIC'S 'Good to Your Earhole' (1975).

Note its joyous chorus:

Put your hands together! Come on and stomp your feet!
Put your hands together! Come on and get in beat!
There's a good time waiting for you, come on and let's get free!

This is a lot like the FBO. A lot's happening at once here, notably that revelers are putting their hands together AND stomping their feet AND getting in beat. It's not just a time-passer, as their efforts are part of a long-term goal: having a 'good time.' Similarly, the FBO believes its fans and members will find their reward for ongoing efforts at the FBO Panhandle Performance, currently slated for October 2007.

The FBO-endorsed Funkadelic 'five pack' includes:

1. 'Good to Your Earhole' (FBO multi-task anthem)
2. 'Can You Get to That' (best song of all time)
3. 'Hit It and Quit It' (another multi-tasker)
4. 'Back in Our Minds' (mo-wah and do-wah and sho-wah and mo-wah rhyme)
5. 'You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure' (the verse starts with 'grief' but it sounds a lot like 'Maurice')

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Trott said...

I always found One Nation Under a Groove to be a bit overrated. I'm relieved to have my judgment confirmed by the very standard taste, FBO. No songs from that album made it into your five-pack.

Trott said...

Oh, my. That was supposed to say the very standard of taste, FBO rather than the very standard taste, FBO. I simultaneously like the error, find it humorous, and feel tremendous shame for having made it.

Bronc said...

Hmm.. This might require a visit to the penalty box for Mr. Trott.