Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FBO: 'Salutes Journalist, Makes Fun of Him'

It's very good that BBC journalist Alan Johnston -- held hostage by in the Gaza Strip for four months -- was freed recently, but the event -- with time, and its effect on hair -- only illustrates -- with painful clarity -- a recent FBO admission that shaved heads fool no one. It almost always means: BALDNESS.

Photo of Alan after four months without access to a razor:

And 20 minutes after freedom:

The FBO is sorry it took an act of terrorism to prove a point, but the truth cannot be denied. As a result, BALDNESS is temporarily banned on this site. Balding visitors are welcome as long as they identify themselves [in brackets] by the percentage of their head that's balding.

The temporary ban ends on August 2.

FBO Admin
[11% bald]
Mobile HQ -- Hanoi, Vietnam

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Steve said...

What is one to do, though? Bruce Willis revived his career by going bald, I think. And Phil Collins should have gone bald a loooooooooooooooooong time ago. Not everyone's comfortable with the Captain Stubing strip around the back, I guess.

Steve [0% baldness, hard to believe, but true, and at almost 40 years old, although gray, but I'm prepared, I keep it long in case I need a comb-over] Walton