Thursday, August 23, 2007

FBO: 'Dissecting Iowa State's New Helmets'

The Iowa State Cyclones, a football team searching out an identity, is bringing back its retro '70s cardinal colors and putting up three options for its 2007 helmets for fans to choose. Neat idea. But then again, looking at the choices, does it really matter? Three iffy choices -- why not see what the fans will like, that way maybe they'll buy more merch and go to games?

Well, we'll play along.

All three helmets go with simple white -- a very retro call in the ever-growing trend toward charcoal, black or ultra-reflective helmets to stress how macho the team is. THE FBO ENDORSES THE DECISION. The three styles are all from the same ilk -- simple gold and cardinal logos with 'ISU,' 'I-State' or a cursive 'Cyclones.' The latter is a no-go. Cursive works only for 'Cal' and 'Ucla' -- Florida's 'Gators' cursive helmet looks like a slow child of the athletic director in 1966 drew it, and Tulsa's cursive 'Tulsa' is a 'Ucla' rip-off. 'I-State' is dumb, so that leaves us with 'ISU.' It's easier to read from a distance and doesn't try to be too cute.

But here's a question, why not 'IS'? Drop the 'U' for university, and go with the new slogan to sell season tickets. 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE A CYCLONE FAN? YOU KNOW YOU IS!' With the 'IS' part using the logo of the helmet.

Another interesting alternative would be to simply write 'TEAM' on the helmet.

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Trott said...

Your IS and TEAM ideas are vastly superior to the iffy choices offered. Well done! However, "simple red and cardinal" is a curious phrase, as cardinal is red. Please use more care in identifying specific colors. Your anticipated compliance with this request is appreciated.

ReidOnTravel said...

You're right. It's changed to 'gold and cardinal.' Rich Trott remains FBO's 'Top Fan' for another two weeks...

Hiser said...

I would have to agree that the ISU logo would be the best to go with. I would add caution to the use of the white helmet though. Can anyone other that Penn State really get away with it? Maybe OU when they wear their throw back uniforms for special occasions, and then it is good to see them get back to the familiar crimson. Most white helmets make a football team look like they are wearing tampon boxes on their heads! Look at the Miami Dolphins, worst colors and helmets in football, next to the Tenn. Titans (they too look like they are wearing crammer boxes on their noggins.) Good to go with the gold and red, not so good to go with the white....but it is just who really cares? (shhhh don't tell Ed I said that, the Cyclone that he is, hate to piss off Pa like that...shhhhh!)

Save Cy said...


The Save Cy movement has begun! Check out to sign a petition to keep Cy on the new ISU football helmet!