Monday, September 10, 2007

FBO: 'Loser of the Week: Navy football'

In line with the FBO creed, the FBO would like to introduce a new weekly feature, 'The Loser of the Week' -- designed to highlight admirable performance and verve during performances that fail.

Last Thursday, the Navy Midshipmen played football at Rutgers and surprised many of the Scarlet Knights with an actual game. Rutgers, presently overrated in the teens of the AP poll, pulled away in the fourth quarter. Not used to winning or ranking (or football, for many of the fans), Rutgers has done a lot to promote its (overrated) running back Ray Rice, by actively campaigning for the Heisman Trophy, given to the year's most outstanding player. A video reel is shown at Times Square, for instance.

When the game was out of reach, Rutgers kept Rice in. He had a hard day versus Navy, fighting for every two or three yard run, which often ended with a golden Navy helmet hitting him in the chest. Particularly towards the end. He was kept in for a last-second meaningless TD to pad his statistics. Navy coach said, "I was hoping he wouldn't get hurt in the last four or five minutes with them up 14 points."

Fans -- apparently clueless that their 'star' runner was needlessly in a physical game -- then booed Navy who, down by 17, called time outs with seconds left to try to get more points. That's losing right.

We applaud Navy for showing no quit, even when the game's over.

Rutgers fans are banned from FBO activities, including use of this website.

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Trott said...

What is the duration of the Rutgers ban?

ReidOnTravel said...

Two weeks.