Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FBO: 'Caveman Is/Isn't Funny'

With more sequels coming to movie theaters near you, the FBO HQ was intrigued with the Geico 'Caveman' commercial moved over to an ABC series. That it is rambling at 3mph out of the gate -- and will surely see its expiry date come by week three at the latest -- doesn't take away from the intriguing commercial.


The commercial is brilliant because of the portrayal of the principal ever-miffed caveman by Kansan John Lehr (pictured), AND because of the proxy racism/bigotry/homophobia he endures from self-righteous 'sapes' (homo sapiens) at therapy sessions, apology luncheons or TV forums. Despite his neanderthal make-up, Lehr plays it straight, with world-weary, jaded exasperation. Something missed, it seems, on the ABC series, which debuted an hour ago.

On the show, Lehr is relegated to a cameo role, as squash-player Maurice. Instead the show follows three roommate cavemen who live metrosexual, yuppie lives. One uses Wikipedia to research a dissertation and mocks a cafe for all the 'pretensious losers' there, another buys a Wii to get over a failed relationship and is prone to self-pitying soundtrack of James Blunt. We are invited to laugh at the irony of neanderthals living the hum-drum urban hipster-with-trust-fund life. So far it's not funny. Something is missing.

The ad was funny because it played so well against the political correctness. Similarly, in the beef-jerky Sasquatch commercials running now, 30-year-old friends-since-childhood re-stage practical jokes on the mythical Bigfoot. That they get their come-uppance with slapped fish on the face or a forest-toss is mildly humorous. More so is their initial reaction to finding something different, new, unique, historic -- they mock it. It's immediately fodder for high-fives and pranks.

Though the FBO emphasize with the mocked and overlooked, it cannot endorse the show. Feel free to watch -- it is not banned, but it not adopted either.

FBO Admin
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Bronc said...

Did you ever see the Jack Links commercials on their website that never got aired? The one where they put Big Foot's hand in warm water when he was asleep and then got a faceful of piss was hilarious.

ReidOnTravel said...

Hadn't seen that. Good idea.