Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FBO: 'Working for the Sushi Line'

"Everyone's hoping it'll all work out
Everyone's waiting, they're holding out
---Mike Reno, Loverboy (1980)

FBO member Robert Reid's following theory has been quoted on the blog Killing Batteries:

“I have a theory that all humans are born with the right to live at or above ‘the sushi line,’ meaning you have the means to go and get sushi whenever the desire arises. Not every day. But when the occasion comes up, you don’t have to count pennies. Just go, eat, enjoy, get the green-tea ice cream. Write a poem, relax. Next day ramen will be fine.” --R Reid

To quote Pete Townshend, this is true. Speaking in terms of the USA, but eyeing all nations, no human willing to work 40 hours a week should live under this. Meaning, no human should walk past a sushi place, wide-eyed and full of envy, but not consider going in.

A good sushi meal costs about $50 to $80 per person.

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