Thursday, November 01, 2007

FBO: 'FBO Member #001 Flashback'

TALL TALES made a few videos in its earliest incarnation. This whipsnap -- directed and edited and posted by Jim March 22 Gibbons of Oklahoma City -- dates from the fabled third album Crime in a Bucket (1990).

It starts with a 'slowed down' version (a bit over the top to be honest) of 'Viking,' a song from the TT's first album Tall Tales then goes into 'Hell-Bound & Tied,' a song that was soon discarded from live sets for reasons unknown. The band offers no apologies, even still, for the costume changes.

Other Tall Tales' videos include 'This Song's Not About Love' and 'Ways to Stay' by award-winning Jenks native Mike Lynch, and a hilarious jumpsuit take of 'Suicidal Muppets.'

A video for 'UFO', from the recent album Pot Pie, is in the works.

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