Monday, November 05, 2007

FBO: 'Announcing Panhandle Marathon/Concert'


When you watch a marathon, as a viewer, it's one of the rare events where the very best comes quick, and the long, drawn-out race gets worse and worse in quality the longer you watch. In other words the bulk of the event is dedicated to losers. The FBO likes that. Yesterday at the New York City Marathon, along residential streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, we saw bands and DJs set up alongside leafy residential streets of Fort Greene to cheer on runners in 'Italy uniforms,' wearing mascots, wigs and regular ol' running gear. Many of the spectators got into the act, holding flags for their national brethren, pom-poms or signs that say things like 'McCurty To the Limit.'

The FBO, thus, is revising its Failed Bands of Oklahoma Panhandle Concert plans as the Failed Bands of Oklahoma Oklahoma Panhandle Marathon Concert. It will start two miles south of Hooker, Oklahoma, head 16 miles southwest into Guymon, then continue 10 more miles to Panhandle State University campus in Goodwell.

Marathon road-side events planned:

Mile 1: Rich Trott & Palace Family Steakhouse
Mile 7: Cinder Biscuits/The Cant
Mile 12: Tall Tales
Mile 16: Soul Shaker
Mile 22: Asylum
Mile 26: Magic Show at Panhandle State University Campus

More photographic evidence of musicians alongside the NYC Marathon:

The marathon is tentatively schedule for mid May.

In other news, the FBO-induced blog 'Loser of the Week' tackles Florida's university naming scheme on today.

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I'm not clear on this. Does it involve running or traveling in/through/near the shithole towns of Guymon or Hardesty, Oklahoma?

Robert said...

The marathon will start two miles south of Hooker, and run thru Guymon without stopping, then finish in the warm embrace of the chubby arms of Panhandle State U.

Bronc said...

Can we bring beer?