Monday, March 10, 2008

FBO: 'NYC Pub Co-Opts FBO Method'

Last Friday the reliable Yahoo News source posted a story of a 38-year-old Irish pub bartender Shaun Clancy in New York who is banning the song 'Danny Boy' all March. He claims it's the most 'overplayed' song of all time. 'It's more appropriate for a funeral than St Patrick's Day.'

We are happy that Mr Clancy has noted our efforts to ban/adopt past-time activities that are misrepresented and overexposed, or underexposed.

In Mr Clancy, we fully expect to find someone who would agree about the uniqueness of the Oklahoma panhandle, how we should all stop watching remakes and bio-pics, why central Iowan bands are to be admired, and that we all must strive to garner more press coverage for failed bands.

We accept Mr Clancy's endorsement and treat him as an honorary fan. Welcome!

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