Sunday, January 11, 2009

FBO: 'FBO Turns Three'


It was a simple idea -- admittedly one no one had ever thought of before -- in early 2006, when the Failed Bands of Oklahoma registered for a free spot on Blogspot and starting charting out new territory: respect for failed bands, tips for future failed bands, and efforts to garner press coverage for failed bands.

--> Happy birthday to the FBO!

In three years, the FBO has picked up four members and attracted -- curiously enough -- many critics. One attacked FBO 'Top Fan Rich Trott' -- whose title may be slipping soon -- in early 2008, by suggesting comments made on Mark Knopfler during the FBO's Mark Knopfler Week were out of hand. The critic was right -- clearly -- but the knock on Trott was out of line too, and the FBO responded.

This year the FBO continues its efforts to assemble failed bands at a show in Guymon, Oklahoma -- sadly the FBO postpones the day of May 2008 to September 2008 -- and makes a general call for transparency in the entertainment and creative media: prodding creators to show decisions and reasons behind their artworks.

Also the FBO bans people and institutions that fail to do so, or make aggrevious errors.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for any information i can find on The Wickers of Norman, Oklahoma. I had their cassette and loved it...thought every song on it was good. But I lost it somewhere along the way. I would love to find another copy out there somewhere in the great worldwide interwebs. :-) Email me at if you have a clue where i could find another copy. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

PS...I saw them in Norman and got their cassette in 1988.

THE FBO said...

I remember the Wickers -- good call! I don't have any contact info but will ask a few people about it.

jimtarnation said...


tom caw said...

I hope the FBO can make angie's dreams come true.