Sunday, February 15, 2009

FBOrg: 'Renamed Failed Bands Organization for Two Weeks'


Re-cap of recently made chilling mistakes:

--> Oklahoma gets its first-ever major sports franchise and names it for something that can't be counted or personified (Thunder) then half way through the season introduces a new side-court mascot (a buffalo!).

--> Oklahoma has the best state flag in the country -- the only one to openly tribute Native American culture -- yet, as previously documented here, skips its Osage battleshield motif for its Oklahoma state quarter (a dream fit for a quarter's back side) and goes for something 10 other states do: some bird. Nothing unique, nothing memorable, nothing for coin users around the country to say 'hey, I'm holding onto this one for a while.'

Now the last straw:

--> Oklahoma, which had the best vehicle license plate in the country (using the Osage shield to divide up the digits), is -- for the first time in 15 years -- rolling out a new one, with overly fussy 'Oklahoma' font (note the unnecessarily swooping 'K'), a distracting image impossible to decipher from the car behind.

Last year, the state opened up the license plate design to a vote -- see the following six choices -- and the worst one was chosen:

None of the above choices are better than the current one, and of the six none are remotely as acceptable as #1, yet the worst of the six (#2) was chosen. The only one with the image to the left, confusingly bunching up the six digits so cops can't easily look up runaway drunks' license information.

The last person who knew who Will Rogers was died in 1985, and cowboy motifs aren't a good call in the nation's most richly Native American state. But the winner is the worst of all. And it won, possibly, because state representative Ken Miller pushed for it. In a Daily Oklahoma article a few weeks ago, he said he favored the chosen one (#2 below). See evidence here.

Ken Miller is banned from this site for six years.

The image in #1 and #2 is from the Sacred Rain Arrow, a statue outside Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum, but the winning viewpoint is shot obscurely from behind, with a confusing cloud scene above making any clarity impossible from a distance of over two feet. C'mon!

License plates in Oklahoma remain a touchy subject. The state may never live down its seven-year mistake, on two separate plates, which read 'Oklahoma is OK.' Things got worse now.

The Failed Bands of Oklahoma renames itself the Failed Bands Organization for the next two weeks, in protest of continued mistakes made by designers, creative planners and mascot creators in the state.

Oklahoma, wake up!

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ -- Tulsa, OK



1) Why is it an Osage shield? And if it really is, are Kiowas offended? After all, that Cutthroat Gap incident was pretty shitty.
2) While I like our flag, I prefer the original flag - a star with a 46 in it. Simple. To the point. And dumped because it looked too much like a commie symbol. I'm against anything that is changed as a knee-jerk reaction to stupidity. It's like "Freedom Fries". Fucking retarded.
3) You're right about the quarter. Fuck the quarter.

THE FBO said...

I also like the old '46 Stalins' flag.