Monday, June 19, 2006

FBO: 'Alternates to Superman Returns'


Because of the FBO-initiated ban on cinema's troubling tendency toward sequels, remakes and biopics, the FBO reminds you to skip Superman Returns, which is released June 28.

Alternates include:

Nacho Libre Rarely do Hollywood summer comedies base themselves in Mexico, feature a cast composed of almost entirely unknown Mexican actors, and follow the exploits of a Mexican tradition, such as wrestling. Plus it's very funny. The FBO loves Nacho Libre.
World Cup Over three billion people tuned into the 2002 final (this Cup's final is scheduled for July 9), compared to about 60 million world-wide clicking on the Super Bowl. It's the world's biggest sporting event and worth the hype.
Blue Rose Rocket Our favorite Oklahoma Panhandle band (shown above) is made up of two kids and a gray-ponytailed lead guitarist. Stay tuned for an interview (if they answer our emails). Meanwhile, buy their album and listen to it.

FBO to Hollywood: 'Superman Never Again'

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