Tuesday, June 06, 2006

FBO: 'Tributes 6-6-06 With Failed Fake Metal Band'

In honor of 6-6-06, and the FBO celebrates FBO Member #001 Tall Tales' spin-off heavy metal band THE BILL WYMANS. The short-set 'band' played a few times in 1990 and 1991, usually 'opening' for Tall Tales when no other bands were available.

Danny Fallis told us that the BWs were born from an impromptu 'jam period' that led to four new 'non Tall Tales sounding songs' in a few hours. 'We had a show coming up and we tried to figure out how to incorporate them into our set list,' Fallis says. 'I remember leaving the stage, taking a shot of something, putting on a wig and PJs, and they whole band ran back onstage proclaiming to be the Bill Wymans.' Alan Hiserodt added, 'It was a gag to do at Rome [a former club in Norman that once hosted the New Kids on the Block] too. We finally got a headline gig there, but no opening band. So we opened for ourselves.'

The short set-list ressurected an old song from pre-Tall Tales days called 'Streets of Hell,' a cover of the Scorpions' 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' and a few new songs including 'Let Me Play Your Sex Organ' and the band's favorite, a ballad called 'I Want You Inside Me.'

The Bill Wymans faded after a few shows. Hiserodt explained, 'We had opening bands, so we had no need for the BWs at that point.' But Fallis disagreed, 'Who said they're dead? They could come back like all bands do. I'm thinking sometime around 2008.'

Tall Tales picked the name because Bill Wyman was a 'womanizing bassist.' Something the band was very familiar with.

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