Tuesday, August 29, 2006

FBO: 'Entertainment Planner for Late Summer'


New York City's Black Orchid (tel 212-734-5980, 303 E 81st St), for 12 years and running, has put love and know-how behind the mystery and crime books, old and new, in its skinny two-floor shop in a less luxe pocket of the Upper East Side. FBO Admin stopped in to talk about a potential 'Entertainment Planner' substitute to movie bio-pics, sequels and TV remakes, and chatted with Bonnie, one of the store's owners.

She said, 'It's hard being a small store. It's not enough to be good when you're small. It's not enough to make the best coffee or have the nicest store. You have to be big to survive.' The owners had memorized the nominations (and winners of course) of a recent mystery novel contest.

I asked about Oklahoma.

'Ohh! Books about Oklahoma? That would be excellent for us... People love series novels based on destinations, where authors really know the place... People are interested in Oklahoma because no one knows about it much, and it has the lore of the Native Americans. If you write one, just make sure not to kill your main character. Readers like to know a character is going to survive, so they can follow it.'

She clearly wants books about Oklahoma. You should write it.


--> Writing about Oklahoma is good
--> Don't kill your lead characters

Please post your suggestions for the lead character (not to be killed).

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ -- Upper East Side, New York City


Failed Bands of Oklahoma said...

Suggested name: Bobby Galveston

Trott said...

That's great! Then other characters can frequently call him, "Bobby Gavelston," and he can correct them! "No, sir, it is Galveston, not Gavelston! Gavelston awful supposed resort several hundred miles south of the only state that matters. I will teach you to demean Oklahoma like that!"

Trott said...

Hmmm..except that Galveston in fact is the name of the city in Texas. DAMMIT!

Failed Bands of Oklahoma said...

Trott gets 40 minutes in the penalty box.