Thursday, August 24, 2006

FBO: 'Our Top Fan'

The FBO's biggest fan is Rich Trott, a brown-haired gentleman from San Francisco who runs his own collective The Palace Family Steakhouse. Mr Trott has provided a recent boost of energy in getting the 'panhandle show' done. 'Just set it up,' he says, 'And it'll come together.' Mr Trott has offered to play. We asked him a few questions about the FBO.

You've been voted the FBO's 'top fan' -- what do you like about it?
I like the Google ads near the top of the site.

What bands have you failed in?
Bands that I have personally failed in include Crystal Tears (fired after less than four weeks for sucking at my instrument, wearing a pink shirt to a gig, and having a haircut that made it look like I just got out of prison) and the Pride (fired for excessive passive-aggressive behavior like ignoring the fact that the band existed until the day of a show). You probably meant to ask what failed bands have I been involved with, but just because the band fails doesn't mean that I've failed. Sometimes, as Pee Wee Herman said, I meant to do that.

What upsets you most about the FBO?
Failure of the Oklahoma Panhandle show to materialize.

Why are you interested in an FBO show in the Oklahoma Panhandle?
Why would I not be interested in an FBO show in the Oklahoma Panhandle?

What's the most out-of-the-way show you've done?
Paducah, Kentucky, with the Slow Poisoners--also, one of the best and most satisfying shows I've ever played. Newman, California, is pretty out-of-the-way too, as is Fallon, Nevada.

Comments on the FBO logo?
The FBO logo is a little bit too sexy.

--> Feel free to post your own questions to Mr Trott here, and we'll ask him to respond.

Thanks Mr Trott.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Trott know how it came about the FBO has headquarters in Brooklyn, NY?

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Trott know how it came about the FBO has headquarters in Brooklyn, NY?

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Trott knows who commonly doubleclicks when a single click will do, he will know why he received the same question twice,& the identity of 'anonymous'!

Trott said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Trott said...

Please note the FBO Wants To Know! segment over at Palace Family Steak House.

Alan De-Mulletized said...

aaaah, Paducah KY!!! Gem of the redneck mountains!
Had to go there once for work, here are some things I learned about Paducah...
We now call it PaDuBah KY. A paduba is the same as a taint, or the no-mans land between your butthole and whatever gender member you have. So that said....
The chamber of commerce lists its slogan as "Feel The Movement"
Paducah is in "McCrackin County"
Paducah is in "KY"
We actually found a great place to eat there down by the river.

muna muna... pah du pah duba!

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