Thursday, September 14, 2006

FBO: 'Adopts Temporary Mascot: Injured Squirrels'

The FBO is not shy to adopt places temporary headquarters (eg Istanbul, Los Angeles, Székelyudvarhely) or regions as pet venues (Oklahoma panhandle), but now -- following a poorly argued response from FBO's top fan Rich Trott to a recent post that put him in the FBO penalty box for the second time -- the FBO has found a temporary mascot: the injured squirrel.

Find out more about injured squirrels here.

-->The FBO accepts suggested names for its injured squirrel mascot.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Bronc said...

My suggestion for the injured squirrel name: "Timmy".

Or maybe "Killer". "Killer" would illicit a sense of fear to those folks who hadn't met the squirrel yet. (In fact, they might even have visions of a mutant, genetically-enhanced squirrel.)

Ok, so I guess if you plan to take the squirrel to kids birthday parties, then go with "Timmy". If you need a squirrel to guard remote FBO headquarters, then I'd go with "Killer". (And put up some Beware of Mutant Squirrel" signs too.)

Waska the Rocker said...

How about "Skidmark"? I mean, since Lou plowed him with his bike and all...

Then we can all wear "Skidmark the Injured Squirrel" puppets while we play (yes, WHILE WE PLAY) benefit shows for the kids at Camp Murm, which is a special summer camp for kids who suffer from heart murmers so that they can play and feel "normal" in a loving environment of peers.

Also, they learn to smoke grapevine and finger girls.

Can the FBO have an official charity?

Trott said...

I suggest either Lou (if you, like me, are in the "Reed is innocent" camp) or Boo (if you are in the "throw Trott in the penalty box again for no reason whatsoever" camp).

Failed Bands of Oklahoma said...

What official charity does Waska the Rocker recommend?