Thursday, May 01, 2008

FBO: 'Needed: Rules about Naming Pets & Humans'


According to a San Francisco Chronicle story today, a San Francisco pet advocate doesn't 'get it.' She prefers continuing the cutification of pet names, despite the fact that that humans are getting cuter names -- and many pet names are getting the 'normal' ones like Steve. The FBO supports normal names -- Jeff, Scott, Pete -- for both humans and pets.

-> Real-time video response to this serious situation:

How can a dog named John be referential to human names, when humans no longer name their kids John?

FBO Admin
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Humuhumu said...

Holy crap. I tried to read the article, and failed. My eyeballs walked out of my head in protest about halfway through the third paragraph. I can only hope that the whole thing is the result of a lost bet in the newsroom.

A more compelling issue of the day: the cutesification of human names. How can parents expect their kid to be taken seriously one day as a boss if they give him a name like "Chip"?

wendy said...

FBO has managed to CHANGE MY MIND about people names for pets.

Burro Hall said...

Jesus and Lucy
strongly endorse FBO's position, feel counter-endorsed by FBO in return.

Anonymous said...

I, a human, have the name of a dog (Chip). And my pet, a dog, has a name of a human (Pete). All I can say is that it's a mixed up crazy world and i wouldn't want it any other way! With regards to humuhumu's comment, I don't believe anyone who willingly wants people to know them as....ahh...uhm....'humuhumu' can be taken seriously as someone's employee. Would you trust someone named humuhumu to take your fries out of the fryer at the correct time? not me! no way!

Ethan said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I feel that pet owners should show respect to their pet by placing the title "mister" before their name. For example: Mr. Waldo, Mr. Waldrop, Mr. Walden or Mr. Walderson.

Hiser said...

Last week I was bit on the hand by a Bull Mastiff named Todd. No, really I was. It happened 30 minutes before I played on stage for the Norman Music Festival. The puncture wound is still healing. 225 lbs worth of Todd the dog.

Anonymous said...

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