Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FBO: 'REM Album is Appropriate Apology -- But No Ticket for Panhandle Show'

REM's new album Accelerate is a reasonable effort. The songs are short. Michael Stipe seems inspired and angry. And there's a 'togetherness' to the sound, as if it were recorded in someone's living room with an analog eight-track recorder. In Athens, Georgia.

But is it good?

The FBO can't decide. The Rolling Stones tried with the last studio album A Bigger Bang a couple years ago -- tried as hard as they could -- but it wasn't really enough to be good. REM's album is better. They might have done better without 40-something Pete Buck compressing so much 20-something distortion. The songs could have sped along their REM-y path as effecitvely, if not more, with a more Reckoning style sound. But they're the professionals.

After actually listening to the full songs, we'd like to change our FBO rankings on each:

What to make of it then?

--> The FBO sees REM's Accelerate as an appropriate apology for a decade-plus of poor work. (See our call for an apology here.) But it doesn't necessarily reinstate REM to 'friend' status. In the meantime, REM is welcome to observe FBO goings-on online, but we'd prefer if REM did not attend the panhandle show in Guymon, OK on July 14.

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to a little less REM in coming weeks.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Anonymous said...

Dude! I am so stoked to have stumbled across your blog! As a veteran of 2 Failed Bands of Oklahoma, I think what you're doing is awesome. Back in the 80s in Tulsa, me and 3 dudes from Nathan Hale High totally rocked. I played stand-up-bass for The Overlords, an Aldo Nova cover band. And then in college at OSU, me and two of my frat bro's (Sigma Nu - Snakes!) had a power trio called the Bad Lesbians. I played keyboard. We did a lot of Outfield and Quarterflash covers, mixed in with some of our original stuff. We had a few gigs at Sorority parties, etc. Anyway, we all graduated, and that stuff kinda slipped away. I guess I have sold out now, I'm a graphic design artist in Syracuse, NY.

Keep rockin' bro! I will be back.

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