Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FBO: 'Astral Week: Solves Journalism Problem'

Newspapers are dropping, as the recessions swells, jobs get cut and panic overwhelms long-running newspapers, like the Rocky Mountain News, who throw their arms up and abandon decades-old traditions.

The FBO has the answer: um, move it online.

Mid-sized cities shouldn't walk away from the tradition of newspapers, just move it online, cut back the staff to about 10 or 12, and focus only on local news. The site could have links to national and international stories of the day -- already papers like the Daily Oklahoman and Tulsa World are chiefly AP stories in most sections anyway. You'd have reporters on the police beat, government, arts, sports, business -- just like now. Advertising revenue would drop off, but so would expenses.

Speaking of which, the FBO is considering creating the Oklahoma City FBO, a rival option for news -- objective news -- to Oklahoma City's terrible Daily Oklahoman. Papers that attack other local media (see photo courtesy of like hockey players aren't really doing the community a favor. It's time for a more sober option in Capital City.

FBO Admin
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Bronc said...

Would you move to OKC to startup this new site?

THE FBO said...

We'd hope Top Fan Rich Trott would volunteer to head that up.