Sunday, March 01, 2009

FBOrg: 'Real Jason Bourne Backs FBO Claim'

Recently we compared New York City to a 'bad boss.' We're not alone. An incredible story in today's New York Times involves the bizarre story of a young New York schoolteacher, Hannah Upp (great name), who had a 'Jason Bourne moment' -- or rather a 'Jason Bourne three days.' Her memory, or identity, blanked for a few days -- she recalls nothing -- and she was found floating in the Hudson River by a sharp-eyed Staten Island Ferry driver. Somehow alive. It's not known how long she was in the water.

After recovering her memory, she decided to stick around New York:

--> 'I can't let New York win.'

That's a fascinating quote.

Speaking of which, NYC would be a great city to see concerts (everyone comes) if you could only get tickets. I woke early Monday to get Leonard Cohen tickets for Radio City Music Hall. Radio City Music Hall had emailed me directly with the pre-sale links, via Ticketmaster, and they NEVER worked. I finally got through to Ticketmaster by phone, after a 30-minute wait (I really didn't want the tickets anymore, but felt bullish over it), and was told the 'presale tickets are all gone.' The site never explained it. And I had been trying to get tickets every half minute from 30 seconds BEFORE they went on sale, for half an hour. This means they sold out, more or less, in five to 15 seconds. Yet another case of the city trying to beat you.

Hannah, if you're reading, generally it's easier to go to Delaware to see shows.

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If you don't want New York to win, I suggest wearing those gel shoe inserts. I'd say it was a draw.

THE FBO said...

Or take the horse-and-buggy.