Monday, April 20, 2009

FBO: 'An Explanation for Underachievement'

The FBO took a short New York/Pennsylvania break last week and will be gearing up for more developed posts by Tuesday.

Other byte thoughts:

* Would be funny if Yankee Stadium, all $1.5 billion of it, is too home-runy
* The FBO Band practiced twice this weekend, including debut of new singer COREY, who scrawled lyrics on spiral and wrote two songs in two hours, "Ebb & Flow" and "I Don't Know"
* FBO's Robert Reid can occasionally be found experimenting at Twitter at @reidontravel

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Burro Hall said...

My underachievement was failing to take a photo of the "FBO" sign outside of Queretaro Airport. I think it stands for "Fixed Base Operator." And while I was googling that factoid, I came across this, which seems to have a lot of cross-promotional potential.


It probably would have been better if COREY had found old lyrics on the back of an unpaid bill instead of writing new ones. Thats how they roll in KC, beeyotch!

And I do agree that the FBO Hotties should be used somehow to our advantage.

THE FBO said...

FBO Hotties? Good find, senor!