Monday, April 27, 2009

FBO: 'Bishop Allen Calls Oklahoma Unwanted Yet Inspiring'

Bishop Allen is sort of a non-failed Oklahoma band, one that's based in Brooklyn anyway. They have cute songs, quite precious enough to get them a cameo in last year's film Nick & Nora's Playlist. On their new album Grrr..., the lyrics of one song 'Oklahoma' compare the panhandle state to some girl's eyes.


Justin Rice (not pictured) told You Ain't No Picasso in a little interview that Oklahoma is a 'big, flat scrubby unwanted place. But the sky is tremendous and there's something about it that feels kind of raw and inspiring in a way; but also overlooked.'

That seems fair enough.

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So what? We run the wishbone.

THE FBO said...

I took it as compliment in the end. I guess the guy lived in Norman awhile.

pseudosu said...

I drove through a tiny part on my way to TX once, and the things that stick out in my memory are weirdly red dirt, a shotgun wielding sheriff on a horse overseeing a road gang of convicts, and the filthiest most disgusting Holiday Inn I've ever stayed in. (Should have claimed to have severe allergies to stranger's body fluids or something I guess.)

But even so, I could agree with the kind of hardscrabble beauty angle.