Monday, January 22, 2007

FBO: ´Football Banner Flies O'er Mexico'

A day ago FBO Admin squeezed into the back of a combi van that passed signs signaling Zapatista-run territories on the way to visit Tonina Mayan ruins. At least a couple of the co-horts in the back spoke Spanish poorly if at all -- Tzotzil was more their thing. Today, in touristy Playa del Carmen, FBO Admin found himself during the fourth quarter of the Colts-Patriots AFC championship game, sitting next to a man in a Chicago Bears cap, hoarse cackle from a life of smoking. 'I am Captain Ron. I own this place. Born and raised in Chicago', motions to cap, 'Been here for 10 years. Bought this for $30,000, now it's worth $400,000.' Hanging out were an assorted of 50-something Americans, here to forget about work for a few days, and to lather in the Jimmy Buffet world that Captain Ron lays out for them. 'See? I knew the Colts would win,' he said jabbing fun at a Patriot Buffet fan. 'Been good watching with you,' he said shaking my hand as I left. 'I am Captain Ron.'

Football is everywhere here, it seems. American football. As shown with one of the greatest photographs taken in the 21st century, procured exlusively for FBO by FBO Admin. Taken on the night of the BCS National Championship, betwixt Florida and Ohio State over a week ago, two moustached men, BOTH named Pepe, gave their stoic pre-game analysis of a college game that few locals would know anything about. It was broadcast on the Mexican Fox Sports to the entire nation of 108 million.

Spreading knowledge and promoting the failed,

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ -- Palenque, Mexico


Kenny T. said...

Were both men named Pepe? Was their other brother named Larry?

Waska the Rocker said...