Monday, January 29, 2007

FBO: 'Tourism Comes to Oklahoma'

It is not escaped the FBO's attention that 2007 is a special year for Oklahoma. On November 16, Oklahoma -- the best shaped state in these United States -- turns 100. It's expected the panhandle state, so nicknamed for the FBO-adopted panhandle, will see a 'bump up' in tourism. Something that all Oklahomans need to brace for.

Meanwhile, the Failed Bands of Oklahoma would like to welcome visitors from other states, provinces and countries -- and particularly hopes that participants and fans of failed bands will take the time to visit Oklahoma's attractions. Three of our favorite attractions/events for this year include: Boley Rodeo, an African-American rodeo southwest of Tulsa (May 26-27); the Oklahoma Centennial Gala/Spectacular (Nov 22, Oklahoma City), which we feel FBO should have an inclusion; and the Price Tower (, a Frank Lloyd Wright 'skyscraper' in Bartlesville that's now a hotel.

The FBO will be soon contacting The Oklahoma Centennial Gala/Spectacular to seek an invitation for FBO members at the statehood gala. More to come...

FBO Admin
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PS -- Photos of tourism are from Tulum, Mexico; a Vladivostok, Russia, ferry dock; and Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam.

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