Thursday, February 08, 2007

FBO: 'Post-failed Leader of Klipspringer, Ty Edward Kamm, Chats About New Record'

Klipspringer celebrates its fourth album Everybody Kisses Differently with a CD-release party at the Deli in Norman on February 16.

FBO: What's going on in your new promo photo, with the goggles?
TY: Flying High Again! (gain...gain). Alan [Hiserodt] found some welder's goggles on sale at Home Depot and we went Devo (again). We always have a lot of mylar around, so we built a plane and went for a glide.

How do you make music these days -- lyrics then music, music then lyrics, on the sofa with an acoustic, in the practice room with ear plugs and an OE?
Usually on the sofa with the acoustic. When "I'm on", the melody and the lyrics come at the same time. Then I take it to the band, they add their parts, and we polish it up together (usually in really cute little light blue shorts). What's an OE?

Sorry, an OE is Olde English, a malt liquor. Very cheap and very bad... Um, moving on, how important are the lyrics to rock'n'roll?
In my book, the lyrics aren't as important as the overall hook. Sometimes the lyrics are the hook, but the hook is also commonly a riff or melody.

What's your favorite lyric on the album? What's it about?
My favorite lyric on this cd is probably "Aaaaaawwwwwwwwww!" (the scream from Phone World). I think it's meaning is fairly self-explanatory. Or maybe James [Lambeth]'s lines from British Teeth (the bonus track by Ottre Pop), "Drawn and quartered, we could see Elizabeth's face on fire. Harry's rolled another spliff again, now he's walking the nazi wire." That line refers to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry.

What's next for the Klips?
Next for the Klip is promoting the album through mild touring, online and snail mail harassment, and a lot of talking shit. We also plan to release at least an EP every 6 months. Which most likely means every year.

Has the Klips benefitted at all from Soul Shaker [a member of FBO] failure?
Oh yeah, we've benefited. Many lessons were learned. Mainly, what is too dorky and what is not. Actually, I think we're still working on that one.

Thanks Mr Ty. Look forward to hearing the new one.

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Tyrone said...

No, thank you Dr. Bob!

Alan De-Mulletized said...

I think I saw Ty with a 40 after the show! It was a good'n