Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FBO: 'Three Pack'

ONE: Connecticut Classic
Connecticut is in! By a slim, riveting 2-1-1 count (two for Connecticut, one against, one for muffins), Connecticut's open-vote has tipped toward adopting the enigmatically nicknamed 'Constitution State.' A digital letter will go to two or three sources in Connecticut later this week, with all responses posted on the FBO.

TWO: And the Bio/Remake Ban Continues
Anyone doubting the FBO's efforts to 'up the ante' in the entertainment field -- by asking for apologies for declining effort (the Rolling Stones), or the tendency to rehash familiar/recycled content in movies (Superman Returns and dozens more) -- need only look a the big awards of the Oscars the past two years:

This year:

Movie: 'The Departed' (a remake of the Hong Kong film 'Internal Affairs')
Actor: Forrest Whitaker, 'The Last King of Scotland' (bio of Uganda leader Idi Amin)
Actress: Helen Mirren, 'The Queen' (Queen Elizabeth bio)

Last year:

Movie: 'Crash' (no problem, other than it being not that good)
Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, 'Capote' (bio of Truman Capote)
Actress: Reece Whitherspoon, 'Cash' (played June Carter in bio of Johnny and June)

Five of six are based in performances of known figures or remakes of films.

THREE: Basketball is the Cricket of the USA
We all know how basketball games slip into foul-and-hope sloppy endings, where the last 40 seconds take 15 minutes and usually not with a favorable result for the hand-slapping team trying to gain a late lead. It's ugly, but it's not why basketball is flawed. And the sport is flawed.

Sports like hockey, baseball and basketball play games nearly daily -- so many in a season that it can be safely said that NO SINGLE GAME matters. Even in the playoffs, a team can be dull a couple games, but right themselves by the end of a five- or seven-game series. That's a problem.

But where basketball is worse, is that -- unlike hockey or baseball -- NO SCORE matters either. Enigmatically fans call for higher scoring games -- ?? -- and some rules have been adjusted for that. When no game or no score matters, it must leave the fans wonder about their involvement: sit and watch and buy Cokes. It's a beautiful game to see at times, particularly in person, but loses steam as no play really matters after 40 layups, nine dunks, 29 jumpers, and 21 free throws. Can you imagine hockey games that finish 52-38? Or soccer games wrapping up at 62-41? No one would ever yell 'gooooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllll' again.

The only thing harder to stomach is cricket -- with several days of matches -- but at least they get to carry funny sticks.

The FBO places all basketball leagues -- even youth leagues -- on probation for one week. Pick-up basketball is OK.

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Waska the Rocker said...

I knew I should have voted twice. I'm not too sure you should be accepting votes from people named "anonymous". Or "Bush" or "Mary Lou Retton" for that matter.