Friday, February 23, 2007

FBO: 'Searching for Member 005... in Kansas'


An anonymous FBO fan has alerted us of a potential FBO member 005 in Kansas. Previously failed bands in Kansas have launched a number of 'guerrilla' attacks on the FBO site, mostly in the form of indefensible defense for the Byrds. Perhaps Mr Mogenson represents a rival contingent of Kansan failed bands that have pitted their efforts against the FBO?

The photograph, purportedly of Mr Mogenson, was obtained via KU Sports (Kansas University Sports).

The anonymous FBO fan writes:

[You need to] locate Chris Mogenson, front man for Rabid Fetus. The Lindsborg, KS quartet released 1 six song LP, “Cajun Justice” in 1989, before going their separate ways. They were a fairly heavy punk outfit but with some melody…Husker idolizers. I remember songs such as “Retards Must Eat” and “Afterbirth Casserole.” Definitely a failed band. Chris is a rabid Jayhawk football and Stones fanatic. I suspect he’s in the Lawrence area...

The FBO remains open to conversation with Mr Mogenson, or any member of Rabid Fetus, for possible membership to the FBO. And perhaps his closeness with the Stone will help us gain an apology from the band for over two decades of mediocrity (as the FBO asked for last year...)

Meanwhile, the ban-or-endorse Connecticut vote will end on Sunday.

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