Sunday, March 26, 2006

America's Best Band Salutes the FBO

American bands are, as experience and truthful observation tells us, far less impressive, important or lasting than British ones. It is hard to find any long-term bands from the US that can remotely rival the legacy of bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Clash, even the Who and the Kinks. Not much of an American answer to that -- the Ramones and Beach Boys had their moments, Talking Heads too; once a beacon of hope, REM has all-out sucked for nearly 20 years, Nirvana were too flash-in-the-pan, Aerosmith is just Stones Lite. Metallica fans made a lot of bands, but the band fought free downloads.

It's also interesting to note that the greatest bands of Ireland and Australia -- U2 and AC/DC respectively -- could compete with anyone on anyone's compiled 'great American bands' list.

--> The FBO sees the perplexing under-achievement of American bands (as a whole) as an indication of 'room to move in' for failed bands of Oklahoma, as well as other states.

Anyway, the greatest American band, these days, must be WILCO, who -- in a musical way -- consistently find new ways to make music where musicians listen to the songs (not themselves) and build unique songs with varying parts that reward multiple listens. And Jeff Tweedy's voice -- an update and improvement of Paul Westerberg's -- has belted out many a sorrowful tale worth repeating too. Some of it sounds familiar, but it is all WILCO's. They are super and ever-surprising.

Tweedy's best lyrics come from last year's song 'Late Greats':

"The best band will never get signed... so good, you won't ever know... You can't hear 'em on the radio"

The FBO see this as an endorsement to the practices of the FBO, and of its members. Thanks to Jeff Tweedy and America's best band Wilco. The FBO appreciates the acknowledgment.

Meanwhile, the FBO would like to christen its new FBO's List of Ten Best American Bands (FBO LOTBAB). Listed in chronological order, based on subjective appeal, plus relative importance and influence. Solo acts -- importantly Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, but also Bill Joel -- are not elgible for the list.

--> Beach Boys
--> Velvet Underground
--> Creedence Clearwater Revival
--> Ramones
--> Minutemen
--> Sonic Youth
--> Public Enemy
--> Pixies
--> Pavement
--> Wilco

FBO Admin welcomes your comments and editions to the list of Ten Best American Bands.

FBO Admin
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Tyrone said...

Van Halen goddamnit! Not Van Hagar, but the real Van Halen. I agree with most of the list, but I think you might have to kick out CCR and replace them with VH.
Rock On!

Bobby Reid said...

I thought about Van Halen. But CCR made perfect songs. So overplayed I tend to forget how good that stuff was.