Monday, March 20, 2006

FBO gives 'NOA' to Ingmar Bergman, Swedish Ambassador



The opening day of Bucharest, Romania's first-ever Ingmar Bergman Film Festival kicked off with the 1978 film 'Autumn Sonata,' which is introduced by a periphery character who proclaims he'd 'love nothing else but to tell [his wife] he whole-heartedly loves her' but he can't because he can't 'find the words.' The film, in which Liv Ullman and Ingrid Bergman play embattled heavyweights (daughter-mother) who ruthlessly tear apart the semblance of family fabric, features a piano scene played by a professional and an amateur.

FBO Admin, who was invited to attend the event, would like to proclaim a conjunctive NOA (Nod of Approval) to Swedish Ambassador to Romania Svante Kilander who sponsored the event AND to Ingmar Bergman for starting his music-tinged movie of failure and missed opportunities with a secondary character who lacked the means to convey his message.

--> The FBO see the film as a precursor to the goals of the FBO. The FBO also see Mr Kilander's starting the festival as a direct acknowledgment of the FBO's efforts.

Beforehand, Mr Kilander -- in a blue suit -- spoke in English to the mix-match crowd of Romanian intellects (some 60-year-old pony tails, '80s shades, fuzzy Parisian hats, chatting 20-somthing couples -- all of whom watched the 100-minute film by reading subtitles in ENGLISH). Mr Kilander said, 'I hope with this film you find some new aspects, outlooks of life... what it is to be human.' He added 'It is of course a Swedish film, but Bergman himself isn't just a Swede, but a great artist of the world who happens to have Swedish citizenship.'

Shortly thereafter a 70-year-old woman apologised to FBO Admin for the size of her fuzzy hat.

In addition to Mr Kilander's sentiments, The Failed Bands of Oklahoma also believe the FBO's goals transpire borders and time zones, in its efforts to garner press coverage of failed bands.

The FBO's first-induced EP is done. More recordings are on the way!

FBO Admin
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